We did our recent project with Ginsoy which was actually very challenging. Our work experience was tremendous undoubtedly. We did food styling of 45 dishes of their menu which was not an easy task to do. It required so much of hard work in lesser time. Moreover, when it comes to food styling, we not only do the food styling but also prop styling along with it which includes all the cutlery and crockery setting with the dishes being styled accordingly. All the food and prop styling was done by our food stylist, Hurma Zamir. For this purpose we specially bought all the props according to the food dishes being styled and photographed including bowls, spoons etc. These things had to be handled technically which is very important. This project was a success and our client was delighted to see our work and we met their expectations in a very small span of time. Fortunately, Ginsoy is looking forward to do more projects with Anas Ahmad Photography.